Monkey playing Pong with its brain-computer technology

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A video released by Elon Musk’s company Neurallink shows a 9-year-old mecca monkey playing Pong with a joystick using his brain using only brain-computer technology.

Neurallink Corporation focuses on developing a brain-machine interface that uploaded a video to YouTube on April 9, depicting a monkey with a joystick after inserting a brain chip. I was taught to play games.

The nine-year-old monkey, Pager, posted a link about six weeks before the video was shot. Edge The video quoted an unknown storyteller.

He was first taught to play video games for a group of bananas awarded by the Metal Straw, after which he was seen navigating a screen cursor using only his brain.

The neural link device recorded which neuron was firing – learning, essentially recording and predicting hand movements by shooting which area the monkey fired while playing pong.

The joystick pager that was played was cut off from the computer after learning the pattern. The monkey keeps playing the game using his mind – playing a pong game without any joy.

This style of scientific release is unusual; Typically, such videos are published in scientific journals. There are supplementary materials for papers. Papers contain data that other scientists can examine.

It is now believed that a monkey can play video games using a brainstem – after all, a paralyzed person has already used a robotic arm and a neural link brain seed to drink.

Pong is a classic of brain-machine interfaces – in 2006, Matthew Nagle performed the same with four training days.

In July 2019, Musk said that a monkey had already been able to control a computer by visualizing its brain and neural links.

Alan Musk tweeted that the first NeuralLink product would make it easier for someone with paralysis to use smartphones with their brains than with a thumb.

He said later versions would be able to block signals from neural links in the brain to neural links in the body’s motor or sensory neuron clusters, thus, for example, enabling people with paraplegia to walk again.

He added that the device is flushed with the skull and has wireless charging, so you look and feel perfectly normal.

Co-founded by Musk in 2016 in Mus, San Francisco-based Neurallink aims to install wireless brain-computer chips to treat and treat brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and spinal cord injuries. Wisdom can make humanity fit.

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