LinkedIn says some user data extracted and posted for sale

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Microsoft’s professional networking site said in an investigation that some LinkedIn data, including publicly viewed member profiles, had been processed and posted for sale.

LinkedIn said in a blog post on Thursday that the issue was not a data breach and that no personal member accounts were added from the platform. Sales information is a collection of data from some websites and companies, LinkedIn said in a blog post on Thursday.

LinkedIn declined to comment further on the incident, including the number of affected users.

CyberNews reported on April 6 that data archived from 500 million LinkedIn profiles had been put up for sale on a popular hacker forum.

Earlier this week, Facebook Inc. said: “abusive actors” obtained data by “scratching” profiles before September 2019, using vulnerabilities in the platform’s tool to sync contacts.

On Wednesday, a company spokesman said that the world’s largest social network had not notified more than 530 million users whose details had been obtained through abuse and had recently been made public in a database and did so. Not planned, a company spokesman said Wednesday.

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