Fiat New 500 review: smart pricing makes it a rival for all urban EVs

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Credit: Fiat
Credit: Fiat

The Fiat 500 has been an amazing success. Now 13 years old, he has sold over 2 million cars worldwide. So, it is not a small thing that you are looking for a brand new successor. The imaginatively named new 500 Fiat brings pure electric power to little fashionistas, thanks to a 42kWh battery and a 117bhp electric motor that powers the front wheels. Below is a new EV dedicated platform. It was developed by Fiat before the merger with PSA was confirmed (still ongoing), and is a scalable platform that holds Samsung’s water-cooled lithium-ion battery with a floorplan – 500 in one case, the previous one. Slightly on the back of the chassis with the concentration of cells under the seat.

The new foundation is slightly larger than the current 500, which will continue to sell in conjunction with the new 500, offering a petrol alternative to future versions of the power. If the plug-ins are what you’re looking for, you’ll find the Big 500, which is about 6 centimeters wide and about 6 centimeters long and has a wheelbase 22 millimeters long. This leaves more space inside, which is great news because the ICE 500 (which we won’t call the old 500) is far from being a luxury, even by the standards of smaller cars. As a result, the Ni500 500 now offers more space even inside the shoulder, as there are more seats and wheels, so the Fiat Ni500 500 is now more comfortable for a normal-sized person on a long journey, which Can’t Said its predecessor.

Given its official WLTP limit of 199 miles, and a fast-charging speed of 85 kW, you may be ready to go along with the new 500. It achieves a top-up of 80 percent in about 35 minutes if you can get a CCS ultra-fast charging station to 100 kW or more, or add up to a range of about 30 miles in five minutes. Currently, the fastest charging station on the UK Highway is 50 kW, which will charge 80 percent in about an hour, while the 7 kW domestic wall box will charge a brand new 500 in about six hours. The ‘My Remote’ app allows you to control the route of charging and navigation from your phone. We still recommend that you plan on charging before the long ride in the EVs, but with Fiat’s offer, which is far different from major competitors like the Honda E and Mini Electric, there’s a good chance that many riders will Will be able to. Live as their only car with the Fit 500.

Credit: Fiat

This can be a way to justify the price. Orders open in the UK in October 2021, but only for the most convertible La Prima, we have run here in prototype form around Turin. It will pay you back £ 29,000 after a 3,000 3,000 government grant, while the La Prima hatchback arrives shortly after and costs ਕੀਮਤ 26,995. Wait a few more months until 2021 and new lows of 500 will start to arrive, possibly dropping the price to below 22,000,000 – although this could be a smaller battery for the lower limit version if Fiat executives There is no understanding smile. When asked about the smaller batteries, they advised us to “wait until October.” Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. And allies, for the already mentioned luxurious but expensive Mini and Honda. And Fiat has a great opportunity to cut a lot of sales from both ends of the spectrum, proving our experience of pre-production in Italy.

For starters, the new 500 is seamlessly evolutionary, but it’s also very different. The full LED headlamps that blend into the clamshell hood are the most impressive new feature, but there are plenty of clean touches with a prominent ‘torpedo’ side indicator that goes back to the iconic 1957 Fit 500. The ventless grille also features a rear engineered original root design. From the dashboard architecture of the tablets in the interior to the center keys between the front seats, there’s a lot of bad stuff that, according to Fiat’s vice president of design, Klaus Buse, “gives it a more romantic feel and makes it almost like a bench.” Feels “. These retro details are paired with super modern touches such as push-button door releases and recycled marine litter plastic upholstery. Together they make 500 people feel wise but still happy and in character.

And finally, it feels more modern. Thanks in large part to the new Unconnect 5 infotainment system, which sits at the top of the dashboard with a 10.25-inch touchscreen as a window for wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Two phones can be connected at the same time, and other standard features include TomTom Satnav, Blu-ray Bluetooth tooth, USB connection, cordless phone charging, and over-the-air map updates. There is also an option to add Alexa voice control to the system. Our prototype car touchscreen performs well and provides good odes for screen feedback while handling complex menu layouts. The system we are using is not a complete article, so we will avoid making formal decisions – but it can be said that, whether prototype or not, these systems are older two-ship 500-millennium Falcons.

The new 500 driveway has also been updated. While the 117bhp doesn’t make much noise, the 220Nm of torque delivers fun, all-around-the-track pickup, and the smooth plane and acceleration flow you get with the same proportion of electric drive are just ideal for a heavy city car like the new 500.

Credit: Fiat

And it’s too heavy; Light steering and 9.6-meter rotation mean you can take a naughty turn or easily navigate parking spaces, although rear visibility in the Cabrio is awesome (not really there if you have a love-style hood). Is that it rotates all the way down (below). The La Prima models use at least a 360-degree parking camera that aids in visual aids.

Our main problem with the new 500’s ride style is the comfort of the ride. Although getting wet softens the most terrifying umps around town, you have a lot of conversations on thick surfaces and high-frequency folds on the road, and a small wheelbase will kill big holes and more. It’s not likely to be a deal-breaker, and our Cabrio 17-inch wheels certainly won’t help – smaller 16- and 15-inch wheels that come on cheaper models will make city traffic more comfortable.

Three drive modes are offered, which also controls two brake region modes. Simple offers a very light regenerative braking adjustment that is barely noticeable and allows the N500 to climb independently of the throttle. Access mode and Sherpa Fun mode both offer single-pedal steering, which – according to Nissan Leaf and Honda E – are settings designed to eliminate the need for brake pedals around the city. This is said to increase the potential range and efficiency to 30 percent, with Fiat calculating that in extreme cases you can achieve 290 miles out of 500 in Sherpa mode (when air-con, peak power, and peak speed are all limited). Is).

Our car covers a distance of about 170 miles on the road which is mostly fast urban traffic, so even at Sherpas, we think you will be under a lot of pressure to get that kind of distance unless you are behind most of the cranes. Do. The car. Even so, judging by the one-pedal drive mode over the 500 is fairly easy, and you can comfortably handle heavy urban traffic using just the throttle.
Overall, the NiFi Fiat 500 is a clever development from a car that is both a national treasure and transportation – as much in the UK as in Italy, as much as we love the 500 big-car cars.

Of course, people who regularly carry rear passengers (even children) are less likely to benefit, as the rear seats are quite cramped. Boot space (in the convertible section, in particular) is also very limited, although it does have space under one type of standard Type 2 and three-pin domestic charging cable – you won’t get any of them. However, given the range and equipment on offer, the new 500 still represents a decent price in the context of its competitors, especially when it comes to cheaper variants. It’s classic, modern, and tech-savvy without losing its class appeal. And if it doesn’t sell, we wonder what will happen.

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