Did the Perseverance rover capture a rainbow on Mars?

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NASA released a stunning image of the Injury Mars helicopter on the planet’s surface as the Perseverance rover moved away from it.

But the helicopter and rover are not the most interesting things in the picture that caught social media users’ attention. The characteristic of an arc in the background sounds like a rainbow speech. But is it rainbow?

As millions of people worldwide wanted to know more about the arc, NASA shared a brief explanation on Perseverance Mars Rover’s Twitter account.

The space agency shared a clear picture of the art, saying it was not a rainbow but a lens flare.

Many asked: Is it rainbow on Mars? No, rainbow tying is not possible here. Rainbow waters are affected by the light of round droplets, but there is not enough water for condensation, and it is too cold for liquid water in the atmosphere. This arc is a lens flare, “NASA tweeted.

Rover responded in the first person to a social media user who did not understand the photo.

It said, “I have in front of me a sunshade on my Hazencam, which was considered mission-critical (I need them to move forward, and I usually move forward),” it said.

“Sunshades weren’t considered necessary on my previous hack cam, so you can see the art of scattering light in their pictures.”

Lens flare refers to the phenomenon in which light is scattered or flared in the lens system. This is often done by scattering light through the imaging method.

According to experts, lenses with many elements like zooms tend to flare more because they have a larger number of interfaces.

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