COVAX COVID vaccines reach more than 100 countries

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GENEVA: The Covac vaccine facility has delivered about 38.4 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to more than 100 countries and economies across six continents as of Thursday, six weeks after it was released, a statement said.

Despite declining supply in March and April, and high demand in India, where AstraZeneca is headquartered, it hopes to feed all the economies that have requested it in the first half of 2021, GAVI said. The vaccine alliance and the World Health Organization said.

“According to its latest supply forecast, Covex expects to supply at least 2 billion doses of the vaccine by 2021,” it said.

Its portfolio, which currently relies on AstraZeneca and Pfizer, and Biotech shots, will be diversified.

WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adanom Gabreasis, said: “CoVAX has given the world the best of the world to ensure the fastest, most equitable rollout of safe and effective vaccines for all at-risk people in every country on earth. Is, ”said Dr. Tedros Adanom Gabreasis. “If we are to seize this great opportunity, countries, producers, and the international system must come together to prioritize the supply of vaccines through Cauvox. Our collective future, literally, depends on it. ”

“This is an important milestone in the fight against Covid-19. Despite the rapid spread of Covid-19 variants, global access to vaccines is fundamental to reducing the spread of the disease, slowing down the viral mutations, and hastening the end of the epidemic, ”said Dr. Said Richard Hatchett, CEO of the coalition. Epidemic Preparation Innovations (CEPI).

“The extraordinary scientific achievements of the past year must now be matched by an unprecedented effort to save the most vulnerable, so the global community must remain firmly focused on bridging the equity gap in the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.” Should ”

Henrietta Four, Executive Director of UNICEF, said:

“However, this is not the time to celebrate; It’s time to dump her. With emerging forms around the world, we need to accelerate the global rollout. To do so, along with other partners, we need to take the necessary steps to increase supply to governments, including easing barriers to intellectual property rights and removing direct and indirect measures to prevent the export of COVID-19 vaccines. Restrictions, and donate more vaccine doses. As soon as possible. ”

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